We Are An Early Stage Tech Fund

Our Secret Is Brutal Simplicity


I’m afraid we are not doing new deals right  now, we are letting the dust settle during Covid. 


Citymapper, Pollen (ex-Verve/Streeteam), Dojo, Kyra TV, Ometria, Mrs Wordsmith, Technology Will Save Us, Farewill, Qriously,
Evrythng, Kindred, Gluru,  Endource, Leaf, Picasso Labs, ComparaBien,  Fleksy, Hugg 

Co-investors include…Accel, Balderton, Benchmark, Index, Atomico, Connect, Spark Capital, Playfair,
Kindred, Frontline, Backd,
Firstminute, Cisco, Samsung 


“Above all, they act as a support team for the entrepreneurs they’ve backed. When you walk out of a meeting with them, you always feel energised and inspired. There’s something different about how they make decisions…its always about  the people.”
Ivan Mazour (Ometria)

“VC is very numbers focused. What SAATCHiNVEST gave us from the first meeting was that the cared about the people, user and product. You guys feel it with your heart. It’s inspiring to have people on board with confidence in you and your business.
Robin Shimmin (Dojo/Kyra)

Investors like SAATCHiNVEST don’t come around very often. Once they’ve decided to back you, they’ll be there through thick & thin. They’re supportive, genuine, and will tell you the things you don’t want to hear.  I’m lucky to have them in my corner.
Anastasia Leng (Picasso Labs)